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Who I want to Be Day

Also known as Career Day is a day set aside to celebrate certain role models, the lessons we have learnt from their chosen careers and how we can we better them. What a way to prepare our little ones for the future.

Ethnic/Cultural Day

In our diversity, we celebrate the unity of all the ethnic groups in our dear motherland, Nigeria.

Odd Socks (No Bullying Day)

In our differences, we are unique, hence this day purposely set aside to learn and act. No to Bully and Bullies can never be heroes

Santa’s Love Feast

Our Christmas carol/dinner bringing everyone together in the joy of the season

Senior Leadership Team Meeting

We hold an inclusive Parents Teacher Meeting to foster better relationship between everyone involved in the lives of the children. Our meetings are mostly centered around the below listed and we always come out productive. Way to go for TRIA’s SLT

* Sharing academic progress, evaluations using the SWOT analysis of every child. • Purpose driven interactions and knowledge sharing in different fields of the Parents as they input their ideas and preferences into how their children be taught. We put it on equilibrium and work with what’s best for everyone.

* Discourse on how to help the academy grow in stature and edifice.

Independence Day

In commemoration of the 1st Day of Oct 1960, every year we reiterate the need for patriotism and being a better Nigerian everywhere we go.

Valedictory/ Graduation

This is an important milestone reached in the life of every TRIA child, we celebrate it whole heartedly as though our lives depended on it. Yes! Achieving developmental milestones and doing great at it is no small job, hence we set this day aside to congratulate and celebrate our pupils as they step foot into the light of a new milestone. And oh, showers of accolades and love also goes to our beloved parents and genuinely dedicated teachers. We stay proud!

St Valentine’s Day

Love is all we need, love knows no race and to care is to share. We blend learning even on this day and all other days.

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